Who is DDA?

Designed Design Associates (DDA) is an award-winning, boutique-sized firm that specializes in high-end and luxurious interior design of private and commercial space in Singapore and Malaysia. It takes pride in its sensitivity towards different design needs from a diverse range of clients.

Each project begins with an in depth personality study with its client before design options are explored. This results in sensually sculpted interiors that speak of intimacy and identity that align with each client’s vision of that unique space.

DDA’s signature style – bold yet understated, modern and contemporary, luxurious and exquisite – can be found in the Supreme Court Bistro, Keck Seng Tower, the Metrojaya Group of Stores, model show units and sales galleries of well known real estate developers in Singapore and Malaysia. Its design footprint has also made its way to Indonesia, Vietnam and more recently, Bangladesh.

The firm is founded and headed by an award-winning designer who embodies an inquisitiveness to every space, sensitivity to each client’s vision and a valiant embrace of bold design elements. Its holistic range of services including space planning, design conceptualization, project construction and management.

Bringing its founder’s visionary design intuition and expertise beyond the region is DDA’s next milestone among its many award winning accolades since its inception in 1997.

“Design must be specific and unique to you. An interior is your canvas, and we strive to help you express yourself aesthetically and functionally.”

“Client satisfaction is our goal. Our projects always begin with an in depth personality sketch of our clients so that we can tailor-make your interior to your unique specifications.”

The Oval

The Oval

4500sqft : Completed 2018

A multi-million dollar property located in the business district of Jalan Tun Razlan within walking distance to the Twin Towers, this show unit is designed with business owners, CEOs, foreign dignitaries and high profile personalities in mind.

Syzygy Hotel

40 keys, Boutique Hotel : Approx. 70000 sqft : Under Construction 2024

The Wang family’s strong family values and desire to reconnect with their heritage was what gave birth to Syzygy Hotel in Ipoh. Nestled in historically acclaimed Concubines Lane, the hotel now welcomes guests with a fresh new look of modern sensibility intertwined with historic elements…

Syzygy Hotel
Media Mulia

Media Mulia

Approx. 30000 sqft : Completed 2020

In celebration of the future of Media Mulia, DDA created their new Headquarters to showcase their 5 media identities: Media Mulia, Utusan, Kosmo!, The Malaysian Reserve and TMR Media. Each brand’s unique past and experiences have been intertwined in the process and presented in all its unified glory…