Residential Project

The house is meant as a retirement home. The interior gives off an elegant, casual-meet-formal hybrid look.

Inspired by the spatial qualities of the Hampton house in the movie, DDA manipulated the interior to be constantly looking out from room to room, allowing space and privacy without feeling claustrophobic. As such, the interior feels open and airy thanks to the French doors and soothing colour palette.

The movie also exposed a fusion style of decorating which DDA skilfully tweet to blend with client’s taste for oriental design. We incorporate transitional interior with oriental artworks in a subtle way such that they are understated but its presence is felt throughout.

Shades of sandy tan & rustic large pieces of furniture command visual attention and are a keen use of space. The interior furnishing and accessories are tastefully chosen to provide long-term comfort. The selected classic print furnishings are likely to age well with the interior.

The girl’s bath features a customised Bisazza wall with her favourite unicorn colour.